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This is a list of persons who significantly contributed to the development of voting theory. Many of the people listed here do not have electorama articles, and this article encourages readers to add them as articles.

Kenneth Arrow- Discoverer of Arrow's theorem

Duncan Black- Discoverer of Black's Theorem.

Charles de Borda- A discoverer of the Borda count

Steven Brams- The leading intellectual proponent of approval voting

Marquis de Condorcet- A discoverer of the Condorcet method

Peter Fishburn- A leading proponent of approval voting. He and Brams commonly work together.

Allan Gibbard- A discoverer of the Gibbard-Satterthwaithe theorem.

Thomas Hare- Discoverer of single transferable vote.

Ramon Llull- A discoverer of the Borda count and Condorcet method.

Mark Satterthwaite- A discoverer of the Gibbard-Satterthwaite theorem.

Donald Saari- A leading intellectual proponent of the Borda count.

Robert Weber- The scholar who coined the term approval voting.