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Administering Body

CISA documentation is administered by the Data Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), an international sell organization catering to those with the information technology field. Over 75,000 individuals inside about 160 countries get been awarded the certification after its creation in 1978.

Obtaining Certification

CISA certification yous awarded following the prospering completion of a six-part exam that is administered twice a year. Application remains wide open to individuals who possess at least five long time of professional knowledge within the areas regarding data systems auditing, control or reliability. Exceptions are usually made, however, to those who lack function experience except maintain obtained important college-level training .

Maintaining Certification

From order to maintain the CISA documentation, individuals should participate in a minimum regarding 120 ISACA-approved continuing knowledge hours within a three-year period. Certified professionals need to additionally pay an annual certification maintenance fee.

Advantages of Authentication

The ISACA reported that is numerous independent studies show that pros who possess the CISA certification tend to bring in higher salaries than those who do not. Certification in addition lends credibility to role candidates, principal to extra opportunities to career advancement.