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:[[Schwartz set|Schwartz criterion]]
:[[Schwartz set|Schwartz criterion]]
:[[Plurality criterion]]
:[[Later-no-harm criterion]]
:[[Strategy-Free criterion]]
:[[Strategy-Free criterion]]

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A formally defined pass/fail criterion by which a voting system may be assessed.

Examples for such criteria are:

Monotonicity criterion
Pareto criterion
Condorcet criterion
Smith criterion (aka Generalized Condorcet criterion)
independence from irrelevant alternatives
local independence from irrelevant alternatives
Schwartz criterion
Plurality criterion
Later-no-harm criterion
Strategy-Free criterion
Generalized Strategy-Free criterion
Strong Defensive Strategy criterion
Weak Defensive Strategy criterion
Summability criterion
Independence of clones
Participation criterion
Consistency criterion
invulnerability to compromising
invulnerability to burying
Favorite Betrayal criterion

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