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Re: Links not working as you were expecting; I wasn't sure whether we were wedded to the "Electowiki" name. "Project" is a hard-coded default that will always go the "project" page/namespace. Therefore if we added a page at Electowiki:FAQ, then changed the namespace to "Electoarama:", Project:FAQ would automatically change to Electorama:FAQ. That's why I added the links like that. -- (unsigned 12:07, 24 January 2005

Blanked spam pages

Nothing shows up in Recent Changes, but I see that there are two slightly active sysops, you and Homunq. As you might know, I have WMF sysop experience, and I have the bit on some other wikis. I could do some cleanup, like those blanked spam pages, besides if I'm here for that, I might also contribute to some voting systems articles, I have a bit of knowledge and experience there.

I could also create a delete template, for some other admin to use, but ... I thought I'd ask for the sysop bit.

Captcha should be implemented, I'd say, the regular captcha, if possible. I'm sure you know a hundred times as much as I on this. I think that people with regular election methods interest could be encouraged to use this wiki.... --Abd 20:14, 15 October 2012 (PDT)