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Rob Lanphier - administrator of and Note: almost all of the content formerly hosted on can be found at

More about me can be found on my homepage. For my history with this website, see my December 2019 blogpost "Why donate to a non-profit with a hard-to-pronounce name?". There, I describe



Earlier this month, I redirected almost all of the content URLs from to I also published my December 2019 blogpost "Why donate to a non-profit with a hard-to-pronounce name?", which chronicles my 1994-2019 electoral reform journey (e.g. establishing the EM-list, establishing, setting up this wiki, migrating this wiki, etc).


A brief history of (aka "Electowiki"). was born back in 2005, thanks to the initiative and an initial burst of effort by User:DanKeshet, and the promising beginnings of a wiki community. Dan took a wikibreak, but I was largely able to take over. I wrote+deployed the Electowidget extension to this wiki. Things plugged along for a few years, then I ran out of time to keep up with the site. The login system that I put in place to stop spam sadly also seemed to make new accounts difficult (or impossible) to create. I had some half-baked plans to shift to using Github Pages as a possible replacement, but didn't get the export fully done to my satisfaction. User:Psephomancy set up an export of this site over at . When I saw how far Psephomancy made it (getting the move 98% done), I did the other 2%, quickly making a logo for the site and registering . We're on track to migrate the vast majority of over to, and making that the normative copy of most of the articles (keeping over here, as well as information about Electowidget)

The main obstacle in my mind to making this shift official is making the edit history kosher. Psephomancy filed a ticket over at the Miraheze issue tracker, and I'm optimistic we can figure something out.