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Rob Lanphier - administrator of

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A brief history of (aka "Electowiki"). was born back in 2005, thanks to the initiative and an initial burst of effort by User:DanKeshet, and the promising beginnings of a wiki community. Dan took a wikibreak, but I was largely able to take over. I wrote+deployed the Electowidget extension to this wiki. Things plugged along for a few years, then I ran out of time to keep up with the site. User:Psephomancy set up . When I saw how far Psephomancy made it (getting the move 98% done), I did the other 2%, quickly making a logo for the site and registering . We're on track to migrate the vast majority of over to, and making that the normative copy of most of the articles (keeping over here, as well as information about Electowidget)