Essential Questions

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This is under construction and will be announced soon on EM-list.


++  I agree strongly
 +  I rather agree
 0  I am indifferent about this
 -  I rather disagree
--  I disagree strongly

 ?  I am undecided about this

  JH ??

Pairwise preference information should be used
   +  ?
Approval information should be used
  ++  ?
Cardinal ratings information should be used
   -  ?

Condorcet Winners must win with certainty
   -  ? 
Condorcet Winners must not lose with certainty
  ++  ?
The Approval Winner must not lose with certainty
   +  ?

Condorcet Losers must not win
   ?  ?
A Condorcet Loser must not win unless s/he is an Approval Winner
  ++  ? 
A Condorcet Loser must have winning probability less than 1/2
   +  ?
Approval Losers must not win
   -  ?
An Approval Loser must not win unless s/he is a Condorcet Winner
   +  ?

The winner must belong to the Smith/Gotcha/Getcha/Top Set
   -  ?

Cloning must not affect the other candidates' winning probabilities
  ++  ?