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An experimental real-time, web-based chat is available for the discussion of election methods, to complement the election-methods mailing list. It's not clear as of this writing (2005-Aug-13) if anyone who frequents the mailing list plans to use it, but it will be available for the forseeable future. To use it, just visit the page and follow the instructions

In the election-methods chat room, we discuss the nitty-gritty details of single-winner election reform, the relative merits of different proportional representation systems, and the technical underpinnings of all election methods.

Times when you may catch people in the room:

  • RobLa
    • Sunday, Aug 14: 11am-2pm PDT
    • Monday, Aug 15: 9am-11am PDT, 3pm-9pm PDT

Feel free to add your name to the list with dates/times to the list. Also, feel free to remove dates/times from the past.