3-2-1 voting

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In 3-2-1 voting, voters may rate each candidate “Good”, “Acceptable”, or “Rejected”. It has three steps:

  • Find 3 Semifinalists: the candidates with the most “good” ratings. (If this is a partisan election, no two semifinalists may come from the same party).
  • Find 2 Finalists: the semifinalists with the fewest rejections.
  • Find 1 winner: the finalist who is rated above the other on more ballots.


Imagine an election for a high school mascot, in which the options are “Bulldogs”, “Lions”, “Tigers”, or “Knights”, with the following votes:

Faction size "Good" candidates "Acceptable" candidates "Bad" candidates
39 Bulldogs, Knights Lions, Tigers
1 Bulldogs Knights, Lions, Tigers
35 Tigers Lions Bulldogs, Knights
20 Lions Tigers Bulldogs, Knights
5 Knights, Lions Bulldogs Tigers
Candidate "Good" ratings "Acceptable" ratings "Bad" ratings 2-way score
Lions 25 35 40
Tigers 35 20 45 55
Knights 44 0 56
Bulldogs 40 5 55 45